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Im back! and a side note...
Hiya! Im currently working on some pretty cool stuff thatll be posted soon hopefully so thats a thing!
Now on to the main event... I have an opinion that I want to talk about..
When it comes to things that people do in general I have a big pet peeve, which is when people either take credit or reap rewards from someone elses work. It actually pisses me off. Ive been on DA for abput 2 yrs now and ive loved every second, but there are some accounts i see gaining a shit ton of followers and not doing any work for it at all. Its annoying to really look at, and while the art itself is good I see the whole situation as wrong... like commissions are one thing, where someone has one maybe two things on their portfolio or profile that they got HELP on or even a guideline to start from is one thing, but blatently using anothers art to fuel your whole profile isnt okay in my book.
Regardless of what may happen or the opinions i may get thats just how I see it. In my opinion art isnt a talent, its
:iconicetrainer:IceTrainer 1 7
156 Ghost-type Concepts
As promised previously, I will be posting a list of concepts for Ghost Pokémon.
For those unfamiliar with the inspiration (Bogleech/scythemantis): My goal was to take the Ghost type and all 17 possible dual types featuring it, and come up with at least 8 concepts for Pokémon of each type and/or combination, as well as a bonus Legendary Pokémon to go with them.
I hope to use these some day, but that doesn't mean they're just for me! Feel free to use any of these concepts. All I ask is that you show me what you did; I'd love to see how people interpret them.
Now, without further ado:
Pure Ghost:
-A “Bedsheet ghost” with an actual bedspread theme
-Skeleton, starting from a skull and building up
-Ghostly hyenas that prey on the living and the dead
-A Ghost-type Eeveelution
-A monster clown
-Ghostly hand/s
-Creepy ghouls that need cameras to be found
-A Shiro ukari type being that wanders around hoping to find someone to scare
-A creepy doll possessed by a malevo
:iconbatterymanaaa:BatterymanAAA 7 3
Water Starters Beta Season by Hyperagua Water Starters Beta Season :iconhyperagua:Hyperagua 21 3 New Fire Starter! by WaterTrainer New Fire Starter! :iconwatertrainer:WaterTrainer 41 6 Thrylon Growlithe Before and After by WaterTrainer Thrylon Growlithe Before and After :iconwatertrainer:WaterTrainer 60 10 Hoopeck needs evolutions! by WaterTrainer Hoopeck needs evolutions! :iconwatertrainer:WaterTrainer 31 7
An Update and a Question *FURTHER UPDATE*
Howdy! I hope you've all been doing well, or at least as well as you can.
I've had a lot going on lately and just haven't really had the motivation to draw, or do a lot of things, really. I'm fairly okay, just got into a bit of a rut that I hope to break at some point.
Although... While I may not be motivated to go as far into the creative process as usual... That doesn't mean I've been stagnant. Hence, the question:
Lately, inspired by Bogleech (scythemantis), I've been challenging myself to pick a single Pokémon type and come up with at least 8 concepts for Pokémon for every combination of that type and another, including pure, and one definite Legendary. I originally just wanted to do Ghost... But then ideas kept flowing and flowing, and now I've done Ice, Normal, and Electric as well, and have started on a Water one. But I suppose I digress, as I had a question, that being:
Would any of you be interested if I posted any of these? It wouldn't be like a drawing challenge o
:iconbatterymanaaa:BatterymanAAA 1 8


The theme is very up-to-date even though, as you have shown in your illustration too, there are some "cons" to be aware of. The whole p...

Hey, mate, this is a stunning work! A great evolution after, in my humble and personal opinion, the other two stages which do not compa...

I really like your work here and the use of colors. The whole outcome is very good and I think you don't have to feel ashamed for this ...

by Marix20

Good proportions and amazing use of colors, which reproduce the original pattern and the original nuances of Muk. Moreover, those purpl...


Just another one...:?…
Another one...this is probably FAKE since a person claims to have seen it on Instagram...…
Another one...this is probably FAKE since a person claims to have seen it on Instagram...
This time should be the right one! :nuu: STARTERS!!!!………
:nuu: (even though I'm still doubtful about the platypus...didn't we see it around here:?)


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My Name is my name
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hello there!! :D I'm Italian and I will show u here my own FAKEMON that I've bn drawing since 2007.
ENJOY but don't forget that the COPYRIGHT IS EXCLUSIVELY MINE!! ;D

I've also other hobbies apart drawing fakemon. I love playing electronic/rock/pop music on my keyboard and sometimes i like singing, taking photos and watching TV.

If you want and if you have time, you can have a look at my new Fakez gallery!! ;)
Here's the link:… (PLEASE COMMENT :D)


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Oh that's great :3
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